Purcell International Education (PIE) Limited was founded in 2017 as a diversified provider of international education products and services.

Education providers in Canada and worldwide utilized PIE’s expert team for programming, management, and staffing solutions across a variety of international education-related initiatives.

PIE has since evolved into a diversified company with activities and assets in the fields of K-12 education, childcare, and golf course management.


PIE’s flagship project is Purcell Collegiate School, an in-development international boarding school for students in Grades 7 through 12. PIE has chosen to locate Purcell Collegiate in Kimberley to pioneer a paradigm-shifting rural education and economic-development engagement model that fosters unparalleled and previously unattainable benefits for local communities while simultaneously enhancing and extending the value proposition afforded to international students studying in Canada.


Purcell Preschool provides Pre-K children with an accessible, inclusive, and engaging learning experience. Its programming cultivates educational opportunities and pursues learning outcomes that reference and reflect British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum’s Core Competencies.

Purcell Preschool engages these intellectual, personal, and social-emotional proficiencies in a variety of contexts and seeks to apply the First Peoples Principles of Learning to focus on sustainability and reflect the importance of both Indigenous and international education on 21st-century learning and life.

Purcell Golf

PIE assumed operational control of the former Kimberley golf course on January 13, 2020 following 18 months of cooperative negotiations between PIE and the Kimberley Golf Club (KGC) to structure a deal that will secure the future of the club while providing PIE with land to build its in-development international boarding school, Purcell Collegiate School.

The purchase of the 240-acre site has provided Purcell Collegiate Incorporated with the land necessary to build Purcell Collegiate School and has also secured the future of the KGC on an 18-hole golf course that is rich in history, community significance and natural beauty.